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    The CBD skin oil comes in a 10 gram (10 ml) tube for easy usage.

    For a healthy, beautiful skin. Formulated with hemp seeds and CBD extracts, this high-powered formula helps give skin the energy it needs to look fresher and younger. The hemp CBD emulsion floats over skin’s surface for a flawless yet natural look–instantly and day after day and keeps the skin healthy.

    The RSHO oil is the latest skin product that is natural, safe and legal to use, without any psychoactive effects. It is prepared in a controlled and hygienic environment without harmful, dangerous chemicals. This concentrated CBD skin oil is not diluted such as the tinctures and has therefore a high concentration of CBD (19.1% or 1910mg). It has also a much thicker and viscose structure.

    Why is it different than regular skin products?
    CBD skin oil goes beyond the surface, beautifying skin with a powerful combination of CBD and hemp seed oil. Helps support skin’s cellular energy and also offers key anti-aging benefits for a smoother, firmer and more lifted look. Ultrafine pigments cover imperfections without settling into fine lines. Plus, the CBD prevents future damage.

    For who is it?
    This product is for anyone who wants the treatment benefits of a serum combined with the flawless, skin tone correct coverage of the benefits of CBD. Ideal for normal to dry skin.

    How to use it?
    First, shake the tube well. Pull the lid off. Push the tube’s back until the thick oil is squeezed onto hand or brush. Apply foundation around the nose and mouth or anywhere you see redness or unevenness. Blend with your fingertips or a sponge.

    How is the oil extracted?
    An advanced distillation process is used to retain the efficacy of the oil extracted from the stalk and seed of special cultivars of the industrial hemp plant.

    How long does a 1-tube last?
    A 10ml tube will last 1 – 1,5 months, depending on the surface area you lubricate.

    Does your oil contain any additives or pesticides?
    Our products do not contain either one.

    What varieties do your oils come in?
    We currently have only one variety available for purchase.

    Can you use this product internally?
    This product is only intended for recreational use, do not use it internally.

    In any case of doubt or for more information about this product and its use you could always email us at info@mediccanna.com



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