CBD (19,1% or 1910mg), Rick Simpson oil, RSHO hemp oil – 10 gram tube


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Rick Simpson, hemp, CBD, Holland high quality concentrate / oil

CBD oil comes in a 10 gram (10 ml) tube. It can be used to enhance the immune system and as an additional food supplement to alleviate uncomfortable and undesirable effects from medical issues. Furthermore it can be used to improve hormonal balance, body energy deficiency, digestion and in order to detox your body.
The CBD oil is a new kind of food supplement concentrate that is natural, safe and legal to use, without any psychoactive effects. It is prepared in a controlled and hygienic environment without harmful, dangerous chemicals. The CBD oil is not diluted such as the tinctures and has therefore a high concentration of CBD (19.1% or 1910mg).


Included in the parcel is a dosing system with an instruction manual. Unfortunately this product can’t be shipped outside the EU.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is the oil extracted?
A: An advanced distillation process is used to retain the efficacy of the oil extracted from the stalk and seed of special cultivars of the industrial hemp plant.

Q: How long does a 1-tube last?
A: The first 10ml tube will last 1 – 1,5 months at the start of the treatment. Have a look at our flyer or the image below.

Q: How long does a 6-tube pack last?
A: Based upon 1 ml (1 gram) recommended dosage per day in the last period, a 60 ml supply (60 grams, 6 tubes of 10ml) will last about 3 months.

Q: Does your oil contain any additives or pesticides?
A: Our products do not contain either one.

Q: What varieties do your oils come in?
A: We currently have only one variety available for purchase.

Q: What will RSHO do for you?
A: We encourage to do your own research, under the care of a physician, to decide if supplementing with RSHO is right for you.


Mediccanna offers no medical advice or information. Always consult your GP or medical practitioner before using alternative medicine. Please be aware that cannabinoids are less effective in a late stage of a disease or cancer. Products with cannabinoids haven’t been tested on children and additional care should be provided with elderly people.


Several research articles regarding the effects of Cannabidiol (CBD):


In any case of doubt or for more information about this product and its use you could always email us at


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